Bank AL Habib


Bank AL Habib Description:

Bank AL Habib Limited is a Pakistani commercial bank

owned by David Habib family.

So It is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Its network is 750.

Bankalhabib has wholesale branches in Bahrain, Seychelles and Malaysia

and has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Istanbul, Beijing and Kenya.

By the end of September 2018, the bank al habib’s assets

increased by one billion rupees. 750 billion.

Habib Group’s involvement in banking services dates back to the 1930s.

He started HBL Pakistan, which was nationalized in 1971

and is still one of the largest banks in Pakistan..

After the privatization scheme was announced by the Pakistani government in 1991.

Habib Group was first allowed to launch a private bank, Bank Al Habib Limited.

Bankalhabib Services:

Bank al habib maintains a representative relationship

with the American Express Bank, USA.

Banko de Roma, Italy; Commerce Bank and Dresdner Bank, Germany.

Royal Bank of Canada, Canada; and Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation,

Hong Kong. Bankalhabib follows the Internet Banking Code entrusted

with Net Banking and Security Verizon.

The bank alhabib supports the MNET switch as a result of the signing of

the agreement between MNET and 1-Link.

Bank al Habib is one of the eleven partners of the 1-Link system,

an inter-bank ATM sharing system that allows customers

to transact at any partner bank’s ATM.

Bank AL Habib is Pakistan’s third largest ATM service provider,

And Karachi city has the highest number of ATMs with 196 ATMs.

In connection with Arab Financial Services,

so the bank offers two types of MasterCard.

This BankĀ  Capital Markets (Pvt) Ltd owns a large property,

which is a brokerage house operating under the bankĀ  logo.

Bank al habib Industry Overview:

The banking sector of Pakistan can be divided into specific groups like

based on their ownership, charter and duties.

So Over the past decade, the average rate of growth in the bank industry

has doubled due to the rapid deployment of technology-based services (Khan, 2009).

And in commercial banks, 12% of foreign and 20 domestic banks together

have 80% of their banking system assets.

The overall size of the banking industry in Pakistan is PKR 6-6.5 trillion,

with reserves of about P5 trillion (Kayani, 2010)

The State Bank of Pakistan has defined a schedule of minimum capital reserve

requirements to improve liquidity like in the industry and

ensure maximum consumer protection.

These measures were considered important for improving

the quality of banking in Pakistan.

Bank alhabib Earned interest:

The interest earned by Bank AL Habib Limited (BAHL)

has increased by almost half over the past two years.

It was around Rs 9.9 billion in 2007,

but increased by 47 percent in 2006 to Rs 14.6 billion and increased

by 52 percent to Rs 22 billion.

But It should be noted, however, that it was a period of financial crisis

in which most of the world’s banks were facing a downfall.

But interest in the bank alhabib increased because

the main reason for this increase may be the high interest rate in Pakistan.

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