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The bank is a financial institution or organization registered by the state government whose primary function is to receive deposits (time or demand deposit) and pay interest on them, make loans or invest in the market.

Banks and Jobs in Pakistan banks history:

It is said that at the time of partition, there were only 487 branches of banks which were present in Pakistan, but by June 1948, that number had declined to 195. In the early days, Pakistan had no central bank of Pakistan, as was the Reserve Bank before partition, the central bank of India in the subcontinent.

Banking salaries are competitive and big bank employers often discount excellent benefits of Pakistan bank jobs like private health care and large retail chains. Bank jobs in Pakistan can often get discounts on mortgages, loans and credit cards from their employer after a fixed period.

Latest Banking Jobs In Pakistan

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Pakistan had to work without its central bank and it was decided that Pakistan should continue its work with the Reserve Bank of India as it was before and all the affairs of the banks operating in Pakistan are under the auspices of the Indian Central Bank. Were administered and managed.

After independence, there was instability in the government and uncertainty was also created for the businessmen which resulted in a huge loss in the banking sector and led to the negative consequences of Pakistan’s banking sector. Many private banks, which previously had offices in Pakistan, relocated their offices to India.

Perhaps it had to destabilize Pakistan because many Indian banks had done it deliberately. Only a few banks were left in Pakistan and they too were trying to end their business. The number of banks declined sharply, and by June 1948, the number had increased from 195 to 487 branches.

A plan was formed to set up a committee to overcome this worsening situation. It seemed like a daunting task because there was a shortage of trained people to work for the Central Bank of Pakistan in Pakistan. The shortage of trained people has led to major difficulties in making the government a full-fledged central bank. The establishment of the Central Bank was urgently needed to save the country’s banking system and maintain the stability of the government by forming an independent monetary policy.

The Benefits of Bank Jobs in Pakistan and Salary:

There are many benefits to jobs in Pakistan banks.
Here are some:

Competitive pay and excellent benefits
Experience in a wide range of bank jobs in Pakistan and in the thriving industry
Numerous opportunities for advancement for aspiring professionals
Education and community services are encouraged to continue
Best working conditions and times
Whatever your qualifications, interests and educational background, you have a career in Pakistan Bank jobs.

Success in Bank Jobs in Pakistan:

Bank Jobs Pakistan is open to everyone, regardless of race, gender, national origin, age or physical ability. Banks in Pakistan hire and train people who are interested in learning and working. Pt adoption and attitude is essential for obtaining bank jobs in Pakistan. If you are a person seeking development and challenges and are willing to work in Pakistan banks, banks will be interested in you.

Bank employees are usually very organized and have the ability to:

The people who are working in Pakistan also have good communication skills, are excellent at dealing with people, and are service oriented.

Financial institutions hire candidates who are honest and reliable. They also look for people who are able to calculate and calculate numbers correctly. Because the federal government regulates many aspects of the banking industry, its employees must adhere to all the rules and regulations that banks must adhere to.

Banking is a service industry. To be successful you must enjoy employment in Pakistan banks. Employees enjoy dealing with people from all walks of life and in all kinds of finances.

Quality of jobs in Pakistan banks:

Applicants interested in getting a Pakistan Bank job should have at least a high school diploma or GED for most admission positions. A college degree in Accounting, Finance, Business, Communication, Economics, Marketing or Computer Science will assist applicants when not only hiring initially, but also looking for promotions in the banking industry.

Pakistan Bank offers many job duties and career opportunities.

Most banking firms offer the best benefits, including medical insurance and disability insurance, sick leave and holidays, and retirement options.

Banking firms are highly organized and supervise financial operations, so they work in safe, happy and profitable places. These careers offer integrity and stability.

There are many opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills at a bank: Most banks in Pakistan offer job training and encourage you to further your education through numerous courses, seminars and training programs. Banks often set up tuition assistance and compensation programs for job-related coursework.

So that employees can improve their skills in current and future positions. Many major banks have training departments that help employees maximize their skills and abilities through educational programs at these banks.

Pakistan Bank Jobs Outlook:

Success in jobs at Pakistani banks is largely due to the dedication and expertise of its people. Doing jobs in Pakistan banks can be very rewarding and fulfilling. It can also provide exciting new challenges every single day.

Banks will always need to hire and train talented, motivated, resourceful and customer oriented people. Your success depends on your commitment to your bank, your ability to develop knowledge and skills, your positive attitude, and your ability to work well with others and change.
As e-commerce and online banking technologies are expanding, the demand for tech learners will always remain.

Banking is a profession that offers a lot of professional opportunities as well as the prospects of accelerating professional development, and getting jobs in Pakistan banks for good pay and benefits. For those willing to accept the challenge, the rewards can be great in some of these banks like:

National Bank of Pakistan NBP
MCB Bank Limited.
Bank al Habib
Habib bank Limited HBL

United Bank Limited
Bank Alfalah
Askari Bank
Meezan Bank.

Allied Bank


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UET Peshawar, Engineering Jobs in Pakistan


UET Peshawar Introduction:

University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar (UET Peshawar), formerly known as Frontier Engineering and Technology University, is a public university located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Education and Engineering Jobs in UET Pakistan are regarded best.

Formerly known as NWFP University of Engineering and Technology until 2010, it is a leading higher education institution in Pakistan with an emphasis on science and engineering development.

Its programs in civil engineering include interdisciplinary study of earthquake studies, which began in 2005 after a massive earthquake in the country.

Engineering jobs in Pakistan:

The University is regarded as one of the best engineering universities in the country and is ranked 7th in the country in the “Engineering & Technology” category by HEC, the Higher Education Administration in Pakistan with the reference of education and jobs.

In addition, the University has long maintained its position among one of the top institutions of science and engineering in the country.

UET History:

In 1952, an engineering college was established as the University of Peshawar with twenty students enrolled.

The college was granted a charter in 1980 by the University of Engineering and Technology to run as an independent engineering university.

It was officially known as the border engineering and technology Peshawar until 2010 when the province was renamed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In part, it has been called the UET Peshawar since its inception.

UET Peshawar Organization:

The University offers Campus Housing for its students. About 150 foreign students are studying in various departments at the university, most of them from the Middle East and Africa.

Handball and other games during the afternoon at the beautiful big playground of Islamia College and nearby facilities.

There are several other playgrounds on campus as well, and it is quite charming due to the large number of trees.

Engineering Jobs opportunities in Pakistan:

The demand and demand of engineers is very high in Pakistan. Engineers in Pakistan have more job opportunities than any other sector.

The average salary of an engineer in Pakistan with a bachelor’s degree is PKR: 90,000 / -.

Advanced Engineering Universities in Pakistan:

Nest, UET Lahore, PIES, Ned UET Karachi are the best options.

How to Advance Engineers:

Because interior-level engineers gain experience and knowledge, they can do more
Make decisions, design freely, and solve problems freely.
With more experience, engineers can become technicians
Or supervisor on a team of staff or engineers or technicians. at last ,
They can become engineering managers, or move to another manager
In positions.

Job outlook for engineers:

Engineering jobs are expected to grow at a rapid rate as the development progresses.

Special Mechanical and electrical engineers should experience rapid development.
Civil engineering will experience faster than average growth.

So Civil engineers should expect to see the biggest increase in employment
electrical, electronics, computer systems, chemicals and petroleum
It is believed that engineering will be seen in the last year or so
It also looks like other branches, especially telecommunications.
Slower than recent growth or recent financial
The economic recession for which has had negative effects
Telecom Industry in Pakistan
Environmental engineering is also expanding its scope.
Thus, overall employment opportunities are expected in the engineering field
Good and growing.
An intense temper for all professions over the next decade. Yes, but development will vary accordingly.

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University Jobs in Pakistan



University Jobs in Pakistan and University career of  Professors:

If you are thinking about the directions of your research career, one possibility is to become a professor

, teaching and researching in a university context.

This is a highly sought after job among young specialists, and one that people often strive for.

University professors organize and manage the duties of higher education.

They engage in a variety of activities, ranging from conducting laboratory experiments

and supervising graduate student research to writing major

undergraduate lectures and textbooks.

Latest Teaching And Education Jobs 

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With the exception of scheduled classes  which can spend at least three hours a week in graduate universities or

twelve to sixteen hours a week for undergraduates. A professor spends most of his time researching,

preparing for class content, meeting students. , Or just spend it.

Thus, the profession is suitable for enthusiastic self-starters, and most of its rewards are given to those

who can identify real issues in their fields.

Undergraduate professors have relatively high job security and professional independence.

After finishing job, a professor can largely assign his responsibilities and decide on how to divide

his time between teaching, writing, research, and administration.

However, term employment does not mean absolute immunity.

Post-employment review is now mandatory in most universities,

and those who are left behind on education and independent scholarship may not be so secure nowadays.

University jobs in Pakistan offer research:

Once university professors are senior enough, they can choose which project to work on and

the method they think will be most effective.

University jobs in Pakistan provide freedom and the opportunity to choose what

research the university professors

do and how they work. It is unusual for a work to offer intellectual freedom.

In addition, the professor’s research work at the university is very interesting,

which gives him the opportunity to learn all the time and get into a lot of motivational issues.

Teaching students and taking an interest in a related subject can be very beneficial for professors

who can shape and inspire the next generation of academics.

Latest Govt Jobs In Pakistan

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Another plus is that working hours at university are often more flexible than other professions.

Or if a professor wants to do sabbatical, it is possible for senior professors to arrange a few months

to a year off from their regular teaching duties so that they can go and do research elsewhere,

or stay away from teaching for a while. ۔ For example, work on writing a book.

Finally, there are many travel opportunities for a university lecturer.

They can find jobs in many places around the world, and travel to new locations for conferences or research trips.

If they enjoy exploring new places and learning new cultures, languages ​​and cuisines,

then there are many golden opportunities to work as a professor.

The most difficult years of being a professor are early, when there is a lot of pressure

on publishing an important body of work to establish certifications that lead to tenure.

However, the work of junior and senior teachers is exactly the same,

and the profession offers intellectual stimulation and independence to all its members.

Karachi is an excellent study abroad area in Pakistan:

Karachi has the highest literacy rate in Pakistan.

The provincial government of Sindh is accountable for all Karachi educational institutes.

A combination of past and present of Pakistan, Karachi is an excellent study abroad area in Pakistan.

Considered the sixth most populous city in the world, Karachi has more than 50 recognized colleges

and universities. Colleges are ranked in science colleges, commerce colleges, and arts colleges.

These educational institutions (colleges and universities) are governed by the provincial government

of Sindh with the help of the federal government of Pakistan.

Karachi University facts and teaching jobs in Karachi:

The University of Karachi (KU) is the largest university in Pakistan with a population of 24,000 students.

It also has the highest number of faculty members.

Jinnah University for Women, located in Karachi, is the leading women’s university in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s oldest engineering institute, NED University of Engineering and Technology

(formerly Prince of Wales Engineering College) is also located in Karachi.

Despite being an old university, it has state-of-the-art infrastructure and engineering facilities.

The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES-FAST) has two branches in Karachi.

Both are recognized and professors spend most of time researching, preparing for class content,

meeting students,exploring new places and learning new cultures, languages ​​and cuisines,

then there are many golden opportunities to work as a professor in Karachi Pakistan.

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Govt Jobs in Pakistan for Teachers


Teaching is a great way to generate new knowledge through research and discovery so that it can be part of its ongoing growth and development.

The world is changing so fast, as an educator, it is imperative that you continue to learn and continue to learn the key to engaging in teaching moments.

Govt Jobs in Pakistan for Teachers.

Latest Teaching And Education Jobs 

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Teaching is a very rewarding profession:

There are many causes why teachers like their profession. However, one of the most valuable aspects of teaching

is the ability of students to make a difference in their lives. Teachers usually report daily “ah” moments that they find most beneficial.

The students have the opportunity to feel the direct impact of their work on a daily basis, as students finally make a

breakthrough and understand something they are struggling with.

General Summer breaks allow teachers time to recharge:

Although some teachers work other jobs during the summer or spend part of their vacation planning for the next school year, most teachers consider summer break to be a great benefit of their job.

Summer vacations are not only a classroom instruction, but also allow teachers to take care of their children, spend more time with their family, travel longer, make lasting memories, and just recharge for the coming school year. To do the same.

Teachers enjoy the benefits of job security and retirement:

Public school teachers benefit from the many resources that members, state, and employer can access.

And while age restrictions vary from state to state, in most cases teachers can begin to receive benefits at the age of 55 if they support their retirement fund for 30 years.

So teaching can be a very rewarding and satisfying career.

Latest Govt Jobs In Pakistan

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Govt Jobs in Pakistan for Teachers, Teaching is never a boring profession:

One thing you have to say about teaching is that work is never boring. The kind that is offered every day has to be saved.

Teachers who can still do this with a smile on their face and stay positive, will also create a meaningful classroom environment where students can grow and learn.

In addition, teaching is an opportunity for you to impress others with your favorite subject or craft.

Problems may be encountered, but teachers are still looking to improve society. Are doing their best. In addition, while they may have brown hair on your head, being surrounded by young people also helps you to feel young in many ways.

Jobs for Every Interest:

Whatever your strengths and desires are, you have a federal job to do. Whether you have expertise in accounting or engineering, or are interested in art history, biology or any other field, you can look for opportunities in a mission-oriented federal agency that excites you.

Teachers are encouraged to “think outside the box” and become lifelong learners.
Many people believe that teachers teach and only students are learning.

In contrast, teachers are constantly learning and thinking creative ways to reach every new generation.
Teachers also learn from students.

Teachers live young since they know the latest gadgets, styles, games and songs. They use the lessons they learn to make them interesting and meet their needs. Teaching is the way to go if teachers like to be creative.

For regular updates about govt jobs in Pakistan for teachers, visit https://www.govtjobsinpakistan.com/

Benefits of Bank Jobs in Pakistan


Well, you might be tired of hearing from people I hate about my job stories or you might be a storyteller. There can be thousands of reasons for hate on jobs in Pakistan, but as each coin has 2 sides, there are some benefits to the job in Pakistan. This is the time when people prefer to be their own boss and people do not like working for others. Most people forget to count the blessings, so let me tell you the benefits of getting any job like bank Jobs in Pakistan, teaching jobs in Pakistan, management jobs in Pakistan, accounts jobs in Pakistan etc.

Latest Jobs In Pakistan 👇

1. You have your identification, not just a name:

Most conversations start with your name and end with what you do. Well it doesn’t matter how much you hate or love your job, it’s worth the second question. Finding a job will make it easier for you to get the perfect appreciation or give you a glimpse of your personality.

2. Pay check:

Looking at the payroll text you mostly smile, don’t you? Well, many people say that money cannot buy happiness, but money can certainly lead you to happiness. This job will provide you with financial stability and security, making your life easier. Paying bills on time makes your life better!

You may like: Work for Money or Work for Love

3. The joy of being free in Benefits of Jobs in Pakistan:

Freedom, your ears are so delighted to hear that. Job work can transform this delightful behavior into a lifetime of happiness. Here, free speech is not limited to financial freedom, it is about living and making decisions. Making money and identifying will set you on the path to freedom.

4. Polishing skills:

Well, jack your skills but the job will lead you to becoming a master! You always have a chance to learn something new while on the job or it will help you to refresh your field. A variety of technical or marketing skills or social skills are ready to do the job.

5. Happy retirement in jobs in Paksitan:

You are young and living a life of heart, but have you thought about what will happen after retirement? Well, there is a job solution for this, many employers have retirement benefits schemes that lead you to a stress-free retirement life. In addition, some jobs offer pension services or specific benefits that can not only save you today but your day as a whole.

6. Concessions in Jobs in Pakistan:

Yes, it’s a word that everyone likes. Employment is not just about salary, more than that, you will enjoy holiday allowances, holiday payments, house rentals or sometimes training that you cannot afford. So count your blessings as you ask for them.

7. Meaningful Life:

He doesn’t work just to work a few hours. More than that, working out, improving your status as an individual, learning the skills will definitely help meet your proposal. No matter how small your job is, remember that you are adding value to the organization and ultimately to the world. Getting a job will satisfy you, there will be more and more happiness.

The above are some requirements. You can discover many benefits that are associated with your job.

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Habib Bank Limited, HBL Jobs in Pakistan


Habib Bank Limited


Muhammad Ali Jinnah, realized the main importance of the financial center
when he was campaigning for a separate homeland for Muslims.
He convinced the Habib family to set up a commercial bank that could serve the Muslim community.
His move resulted in the establishment of Habib Bank, which had its head office in Bombay (now Mumbai),
in 1941, with a fixed capital of Rs 25,000.

Latest HABIB Bank Limited HBL Jobs 

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The bank played a vital role in raising funds for the All India Muslim League campaign to
establish Muslim India. Habib Bank also played an important role in collecting relief funds for Muslims
who were injured in the communal riots and violencenbefore the British departure from British India and then partition India.

Habib Bank Limited is the largest Pakistani multinational bank based in Habib Bank Plaza, Karachi, Pakistan.
HBL became Pakistan’s first commercial bank in 1941.

It opened its first international branch in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951.
the bank moved its headquarters in 1972 to Habib Bank Plaza, which became the tallest building in South Asia.
The government nationalized the bank in 1974 and privatized it in 2003.
At this time the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development acquired a controlling share.

As of 2018, HBL has more than 1700 branches spread across four continents.
It is Pakistan’s largest company in terms of assets,
and repeatedly ranks as the top Pakistani company in Forbes Global 2000.
In February 2018, HBL appointed Senior Banker,
Mohammed Aurangzeb, after the initial retirement of Noman’s Dar on December 31, 2017.
After the marriage ended by this bank.
Fines of up to 225 million (US $) for failing to comply
with anti-money laundering rules and risk management.

Habib Bank Lifestyle:

Habib Bank’s Lifestyle Financing structure provides easy-to-use terms and synchronized financing for home gadgets and consumer electronics. Commercial goods seek to provide relief to every local unit by providing financing for household items, which can be postponed due to lack of funds through shopping houses. The bank wants to provide immediate financing so that households do not delay the purchase of such essential goods, and all such items are easily accessible when needed.


Habib Bank offers a basic range of banking services to its customers,
so as to include the commercial, bank in emerging markets.


The first goal is Recognizing the mission of “enabling people to move forward with confidence and success” as a leading financial institution and vibrant international bank in emerging markets, providing a premium set of innovative products and services to its customers. , And to provide high value for us stakeholders – shareholders, consumers and employees.

Habib Bank `Account Savings:

An ideal account for anyone who wants to have some extra funds for an emergency. Instead of having large sums of money at home, HBL’s savings account allows you to secure your savings with us, providing basic security as well as a modest profit rate.

Latest Banking Jobs 

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HBL Career Opportunities: HBL Job Analysis:

The Govt job in Pakistan in Banking analysis for very good management is monitored and implemented by the HR department at the Head Office located in Karachi. The honorable post uses the Head Office interior as well as the external recruitment site to fill the vacancies.

HBL has provided the people of Pakistan with the opportunity to become part of HBL. Candidates should have at least a Bachelor’s qualification. Preference will be given to those candidates who have completed B / BA / BSc / BBA / MA / M.com. They need fresh graduates for this position. The desired candidate can apply first without wasting any time.

For Further bank jobs Visit Website https://www.govtjobsinpakistan.com/

Allied Bank, Allied Bank Jobs in Pakistan


Allied Bank of Pakistan:


Allied Bank, with its registered office in Lahore,

is one of the largest banks within the country with more

than 1350 branches and ATMs.

Before independence (1942) it was the first Muslim bank to be established

in Pakistan by the name of Australia Bank.

It was designated Allied Bank of Pakistan from Australia Bank Limited in 1974,

and it also merged with Sardarbank Limited,

Lahore Commercial Bank Limited and Pak Bank Limited.

14 scheduled banks were taken over by the government,

Under the Nationalization Act of 1974.

The Australian Bank’s Board of Directors was dissolved

and the bank was renamed the Aid Bank of Pakistan Limited. Sarmad Bank,

Lahore Commercial Bank and Pakistan Bank Limited were merged with Australia Bank.

At the time of this merger, ABL was the second largest bank of all banks nationalized in 1974.

In November / December 1990, the government announced

its commitment to the rapid privatization of the banking sector.

The management of Allied Bank, headed by Khalid Latif,

decided to react positively to this challenge.

As a result of privatization in September 1991,

the Allied Bank entered into a new phase of its history,

as the world’s first bank is managed and owned by its employees.

Allied Bank’s assets were PKR 87.536 billion and deposits were PKR 76.038 billion.

Allied bank gained a favorable position in Pakistan’s financial sector

and was recognized as one of the best banks in the country.

In August 2004, as a result of the reconstruction of the capital,

the ownership of the bank was transferred to the Abraham Leasing Limited

and the Consortium of the Abraham Group.

Allied Bank Products:

The Bank offers its customers various products and services to meet investment,

and other social or business needs. The following are the products and services offered by the bank:

Personal Banking:

Under Personal Banking, ABL provides daily accounts,

lifestyle banking, savings and term deposits, credit and debit cards,

home remittances, banking, and digital banking services

(including MyABL Personal Internet Banking, May ABL Mobile). App, MablPhone Pay App and SMS Banking).

Business Banking:

Under Business Banking, ABL offers Corporate & Investment Banking,

Transaction & Business Accounts, Domestic Remittances to Pakistan,

Cash Management Solutions, Trade Services, SME Financing,

Agricultural Financing, Business Internet Banking.

Islamic banking:

In September 2018, ABL opened Sharia-compliant Islamic banking service

in 53 major cities of Pakistan through its network of 117 dedicated Islamic banking branches.

Other Services:

Other services offered by Allied Bank include extended-time banking,

online banking, safety deposit lockers, utility bill payments,

allied phone banking, customer support and car financing.

Digital banking:

Bank maintains its reputation in the banking sector of Pakistan

for innovation and adoption of new technologies.

Contains their current set of digital banking services.

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Askari Bank, Latest Askari Bank Jobs in Pakistan


Askari Bank, growth and achievement:

Askari Bank was launched on October 9, 1991 as a Public Limited Company.

On June 21, 2013, the military group acquired Askari bank.

The bank is among on the top list of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)

and was also listed on the stock exchanges of Karachi, Lahore and I

slamabad before the merger to form the only united Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

So the bank obtained its license (license number BL-7) on 13 February 1992

under s.27 of the Banking Companies Ordinance, 1962,

from the State Bank of Pakistan. Mr. Saeed Haider Bhatti issued the licence.

Over the next 15 years, our growth and achievement patterns have

grown to exceed industry standards.

It is a matter of pride for us that we can offer a wider product

to our customers through our extensive branch network across the country.

Askari Bank, Best Retail Bank in Pakistan:

Askari Bank continues its success in the competition.

Recently, Asian Banker has given us the “Best Retail Bank in Pakistan”

for the second consecutive year.

Military Bank has been awarded the first Consumer Choice Award 2004 for

Commercial Banking category by the Consumers Association of Pakistan.

We have also received the Corporate Excellence Award for the financial sector

from the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) of 2002, 2003 and 2004.

We have got the “Best Bank in Pakistan” award from Global Finance

Magazine twice for 2001 and 2002.

We got award as “Best User Internet Bank” by Global Finance

Magazine for the years 2002 and 2003.

The Euromi and Asimony Award in 1994, 1996 and early 1997.

We have A1 + credit for short-term liabilities,

the highest possible credit rating, and our long-term rating is A.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan (ICAP),

and the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants

of Pakistan supported us for the services

sector for the years 2000, 2001, 2002 ” Best Annual Accounts “Award.

In the SAARC region, we have also received rating awards

from the South Asian Federation of Accountants (CIFA) over the

past six years for the “best presented annual accounts”for the financial sector.

In 2007, the Askari Bank won the “Best User Banking Award 2006”

for the third consecutive year by the Consumers Association of Pakistan.

In 2008, Pakistan Guarantee Export Corporation Limited gave award

to Askari Bank as the “Best Retail Banking Award 2008”

Askari Bank Jobs 2020 Pakistan:

Our recruitment process:

Our selection processes differ from position to position for Askari Banks jobs

and are designed to effectively match an individual’s knowledge,

abilities, interests and experiences that are necessary for a particular position.

We use a variety of methods and tools to help us determine

your skill level and motivations.

Our recruitment process is designed to help us identify and

serve the very best people in the most appropriate way.

If you want to work for us and have the right skills and experience,

our process will ensure that all candidates are given

equal opportunities to pursue a position.

Our job practice remains intact because of the bank’s rapid

growth in all areas of banking. We serve all entry-level, middle-career and senior-level positions

by applying different recruitment methods.

Fresh undergraduate / entry level employees have to undergo

a series of tests and interviews, while experienced professionals should be present for interview

on a one-to-one basis or panel, at the discretion of the administration.

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional,

we assure you that your work experience with the military will be a

mutually rewarding relationship that provides you with

good growth opportunities.

Management Officer / General Banking Officer:

If you are a young fresh graduate, So academically stable and successfully

complete our rigorous testing / interviewing methods,

you will also be qualified, dynamic, highly qualified and trained

as a trained officer (MTOs / GBTO). Eligible youth can join us in a special contingent.

Periodic basis with the aim of nurturing the high potential of future

executives / managers for the bank.

This special program focuses on extensive classroom training.

It also focuses on extensive classroom training in key areas of banking.

Our Trainee officers are fast on career paths and fast career.

Candidates wishing to join our training program must take an exam,

which covers the following topics:

Information public


Business Mathematics

Accounting & Finance


Bank AL Habib


Bank AL Habib Description:

Bank AL Habib Limited is a Pakistani commercial bank

owned by David Habib family.

So It is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Its network is 750.

Bankalhabib has wholesale branches in Bahrain, Seychelles and Malaysia

and has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Istanbul, Beijing and Kenya.

By the end of September 2018, the bank al habib’s assets

increased by one billion rupees. 750 billion.

Habib Group’s involvement in banking services dates back to the 1930s.

He started HBL Pakistan, which was nationalized in 1971

and is still one of the largest banks in Pakistan..

After the privatization scheme was announced by the Pakistani government in 1991.

Habib Group was first allowed to launch a private bank, Bank Al Habib Limited.

Bankalhabib Services:

Bank al habib maintains a representative relationship

with the American Express Bank, USA.

Banko de Roma, Italy; Commerce Bank and Dresdner Bank, Germany.

Royal Bank of Canada, Canada; and Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation,

Hong Kong. Bankalhabib follows the Internet Banking Code entrusted

with Net Banking and Security Verizon.

The bank alhabib supports the MNET switch as a result of the signing of

the agreement between MNET and 1-Link.

Bank al Habib is one of the eleven partners of the 1-Link system,

an inter-bank ATM sharing system that allows customers

to transact at any partner bank’s ATM.

Bank AL Habib is Pakistan’s third largest ATM service provider,

And Karachi city has the highest number of ATMs with 196 ATMs.

In connection with Arab Financial Services,

so the bank offers two types of MasterCard.

This Bank  Capital Markets (Pvt) Ltd owns a large property,

which is a brokerage house operating under the bank  logo.

Bank al habib Industry Overview:

The banking sector of Pakistan can be divided into specific groups like

based on their ownership, charter and duties.

So Over the past decade, the average rate of growth in the bank industry

has doubled due to the rapid deployment of technology-based services (Khan, 2009).

And in commercial banks, 12% of foreign and 20 domestic banks together

have 80% of their banking system assets.

The overall size of the banking industry in Pakistan is PKR 6-6.5 trillion,

with reserves of about P5 trillion (Kayani, 2010)

The State Bank of Pakistan has defined a schedule of minimum capital reserve

requirements to improve liquidity like in the industry and

ensure maximum consumer protection.

These measures were considered important for improving

the quality of banking in Pakistan.

Bank alhabib Earned interest:

The interest earned by Bank AL Habib Limited (BAHL)

has increased by almost half over the past two years.

It was around Rs 9.9 billion in 2007,

but increased by 47 percent in 2006 to Rs 14.6 billion and increased

by 52 percent to Rs 22 billion.

But It should be noted, however, that it was a period of financial crisis

in which most of the world’s banks were facing a downfall.

But interest in the bank alhabib increased because

the main reason for this increase may be the high interest rate in Pakistan.

Job Description: Bank al habib Jobs in Pakistan.

Bank alHabib Has many Jobs opportunities.

A program is designed for young, passionate and career-oriented graduates

who want to start their careers with an organization that provides them

with excellent learning and development opportunities.

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Meezan Bank Latest Meezan Bank Jobs


Meezan Bank, Islamic commercial bank:

Meezan Bank is a Pakistani Islamic Commercial Bank,

a subsidiary of Kuwaiti Company Noor Financial Investment.

The head office of the bank is located in Meezan House in Pakistan, Karachi.

Its network is more than 750 in more than 180 cities of Pakistan.

It began in 2002 when the State Bank of Pakistan issued its first license

for Islamic commercial banking.

Latest Banking Jobs 

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Meezan Bank performance among 5 Pakistani traditional banks:

The bank has a market share of 35% in the country’s Islamic banking industry.

The purpose of this study is to examine and evaluate the performance of the first Islamic bank,

Meezan Bank Limited (MBL) in Pakistan, compared to a group of 5 Pakistani traditional banks.

This research evaluates the Islamic Bank’s (MBL) performance in profitability, liquidity,

risk and performance during 2003-2007.

Financial ratios (12 in total) such as Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE),

Debt Deposit Ratio (LDR), Debt Asset Ratio (LAR), Debt-to-equity ratio (DER),

asset utilization (such as AU to estimate banking performance),

and income-to-expense ratio (IER) are used.

T-tests and F-tests are used to determine the importance of

discrimination performance of two groups of banks.

Research shows that MBL is less profitable, more solvent (less risk),

and less effective than the average of traditional 5 banks.

There was no big difference in liquidity between sets of banks.

The reasons for this are due to the fact that traditional banks in Pakistan

have a long history and experience in doing banking business and,

with Islamic banks, dominate the financial sector

with a large share of Pakistan’s overall financial assets.

The feeling started with all the letters and the spirit just a few years ago.

MBL Bank Services:

Meezan Bank is Pakistan’s the greatest Islamic bank.

Meezan bank offers a comprehensive range of Islamic banking products and services,

through a retail banking  network of more than 550 branches,

supported by more than 500 ATMs, Visa and MasterCard debit cards,

24/7 call centers nationwide.

Accessed through Internet banking and mobile banking networks.


Meezan Bank has been consistently recognized by many local and

international institutions as the best Islamic bank in Pakistan,

a testament to the Bank’s commitment

to excellence Islamic finance news at these institutions.

Malaysia, Global Finance Magazine. New York, Asset AAA – Hong Kong,

such as Ammoni – Hong Kong,

The Banker – UK, South Asian Federation of Accountants,

Islamic Finance Forum of South Asian Awards,

Pakistan Banking Awards.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and Institute of Cost and

Management Accountants of Pakistan,

Employers Federation of Pakistan and CFA Association – Pakistan.

The rating reflects the Bank’s excellent performance indicators.

Meezan Bank is the only Islamic bank with AA credit rating in

the Islamic banking industry in Pakistan.

MBL is a publicly listed company sponsored by leading financial

institutions in Pakistan and the Middle East:

Established with the vision of establishing Islamic banking as the first choice of banking.

the bank began work in 2002 after the State Bank of Pakistan issued

its first Islamic commercial banking license.

Meezan Bank has a strong Shariah Compliance Setup consisting of a

dedicated Product Development and Sharia Compliance Department,

an in-house Shariah Advisor and a Shariah Supervisory

Board consisting of internationally renowned Sharia Scholars.

Meezan Bank is known for its product development capability,

Islamic banking research, and consulting services nationally and internationally.

Meezan Bank-backed consumer financing includes consumer finance,

motorcycle and car finance, financing for consumer durable goods

such as air conditioners, refrigerators, generators, etc., financing for Hajj and Umrah.

* Meezan Bank Jobs:

Meezan bank offers Jobs with handsome salary packages for Branch Officer jobs,

Cashier jobs, accounts jobs, etc when it requires staff at the basis of Graduation

from HEC recognized university / colleges having 14 years of education and

45% or above throughout academic career (Matriculation & above).

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