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Habib Bank Limited


Muhammad Ali Jinnah, realized the main importance of the financial center
when he was campaigning for a separate homeland for Muslims.
He convinced the Habib family to set up a commercial bank that could serve the Muslim community.
His move resulted in the establishment of Habib Bank, which had its head office in Bombay (now Mumbai),
in 1941, with a fixed capital of Rs 25,000.

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The bank played a vital role in raising funds for the All India Muslim League campaign to
establish Muslim India. Habib Bank also played an important role in collecting relief funds for Muslims
who were injured in the communal riots and violencenbefore the British departure from British India and then partition India.

Habib Bank Limited is the largest Pakistani multinational bank based in Habib Bank Plaza, Karachi, Pakistan.
HBL became Pakistan’s first commercial bank in 1941.

It opened its first international branch in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951.
the bank moved its headquarters in 1972 to Habib Bank Plaza, which became the tallest building in South Asia.
The government nationalized the bank in 1974 and privatized it in 2003.
At this time the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development acquired a controlling share.

As of 2018, HBL has more than 1700 branches spread across four continents.
It is Pakistan’s largest company in terms of assets,
and repeatedly ranks as the top Pakistani company in Forbes Global 2000.
In February 2018, HBL appointed Senior Banker,
Mohammed Aurangzeb, after the initial retirement of Noman’s Dar on December 31, 2017.
After the marriage ended by this bank.
Fines of up to 225 million (US $) for failing to comply
with anti-money laundering rules and risk management.

Habib Bank Lifestyle:

Habib Bank’s Lifestyle Financing structure provides easy-to-use terms and synchronized financing for home gadgets and consumer electronics. Commercial goods seek to provide relief to every local unit by providing financing for household items, which can be postponed due to lack of funds through shopping houses. The bank wants to provide immediate financing so that households do not delay the purchase of such essential goods, and all such items are easily accessible when needed.


Habib Bank offers a basic range of banking services to its customers,
so as to include the commercial, bank in emerging markets.


The first goal is Recognizing the mission of “enabling people to move forward with confidence and success” as a leading financial institution and vibrant international bank in emerging markets, providing a premium set of innovative products and services to its customers. , And to provide high value for us stakeholders – shareholders, consumers and employees.

Habib Bank `Account Savings:

An ideal account for anyone who wants to have some extra funds for an emergency. Instead of having large sums of money at home, HBL’s savings account allows you to secure your savings with us, providing basic security as well as a modest profit rate.

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HBL Career Opportunities: HBL Job Analysis:

The Govt job in Pakistan in Banking analysis for very good management is monitored and implemented by the HR department at the Head Office located in Karachi. The honorable post uses the Head Office interior as well as the external recruitment site to fill the vacancies.

HBL has provided the people of Pakistan with the opportunity to become part of HBL. Candidates should have at least a Bachelor’s qualification. Preference will be given to those candidates who have completed B / BA / BSc / BBA / MA / M.com. They need fresh graduates for this position. The desired candidate can apply first without wasting any time.

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