UET Peshawar, Engineering Jobs in Pakistan


UET Peshawar Introduction:

University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar (UET Peshawar), formerly known as Frontier Engineering and Technology University, is a public university located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Education and Engineering Jobs in UET Pakistan are regarded best.

Formerly known as NWFP University of Engineering and Technology until 2010, it is a leading higher education institution in Pakistan with an emphasis on science and engineering development.

Its programs in civil engineering include interdisciplinary study of earthquake studies, which began in 2005 after a massive earthquake in the country.

Engineering jobs in Pakistan:

The University is regarded as one of the best engineering universities in the country and is ranked 7th in the country in the “Engineering & Technology” category by HEC, the Higher Education Administration in Pakistan with the reference of education and jobs.

In addition, the University has long maintained its position among one of the top institutions of science and engineering in the country.

UET History:

In 1952, an engineering college was established as the University of Peshawar with twenty students enrolled.

The college was granted a charter in 1980 by the University of Engineering and Technology to run as an independent engineering university.

It was officially known as the border engineering and technology Peshawar until 2010 when the province was renamed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In part, it has been called the UET Peshawar since its inception.

UET Peshawar Organization:

The University offers Campus Housing for its students. About 150 foreign students are studying in various departments at the university, most of them from the Middle East and Africa.

Handball and other games during the afternoon at the beautiful big playground of Islamia College and nearby facilities.

There are several other playgrounds on campus as well, and it is quite charming due to the large number of trees.

Engineering Jobs opportunities in Pakistan:

The demand and demand of engineers is very high in Pakistan. Engineers in Pakistan have more job opportunities than any other sector.

The average salary of an engineer in Pakistan with a bachelor’s degree is PKR: 90,000 / -.

Advanced Engineering Universities in Pakistan:

Nest, UET Lahore, PIES, Ned UET Karachi are the best options.

How to Advance Engineers:

Because interior-level engineers gain experience and knowledge, they can do more
Make decisions, design freely, and solve problems freely.
With more experience, engineers can become technicians
Or supervisor on a team of staff or engineers or technicians. at last ,
They can become engineering managers, or move to another manager
In positions.

Job outlook for engineers:

Engineering jobs are expected to grow at a rapid rate as the development progresses.

Special Mechanical and electrical engineers should experience rapid development.
Civil engineering will experience faster than average growth.

So Civil engineers should expect to see the biggest increase in employment
electrical, electronics, computer systems, chemicals and petroleum
It is believed that engineering will be seen in the last year or so
It also looks like other branches, especially telecommunications.
Slower than recent growth or recent financial
The economic recession for which has had negative effects
Telecom Industry in Pakistan
Environmental engineering is also expanding its scope.
Thus, overall employment opportunities are expected in the engineering field
Good and growing.
An intense temper for all professions over the next decade. Yes, but development will vary accordingly.

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